Michael Prout, Fine Artist, Watercolorist

Colorful Old Barn in Watercolor

Living in the Midwest you see a lot of wonderful barns. Those barns are some of the most fun to paint. From bright red barns to rusty old barns, it is extremely fun to capture their character in watercolor paint. I tend to paint in a more representational fashion. I try to capture color and value that are, at some point, part of the subject.

Colorful Watercolor Painting

Bright colors dripped, splashed, brushed, and sprayed to create vibrant artworks.

Creative Watercolor Painting

Brushes, sponges, pieces of scrap paper are all used creatively to produce quality watercolor artworks.

Fun Watercolor Painting

Water and pigment dancing on paper, intermixing with one another, what fun it is to see the unpredictable results of painting with watercolor.

Artful Watercolor Painting

Light and darks, cools and warms, wet on wet, dry brush, are all dynamic qualities of watercolor painting.